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                       MOBILE MAPPING

This mobile alternative to the Digital Skin Indoor Performance allows Mateo to outfit a vehicle (pick up truck or Econoline van) with the required projectors, audio equipment and Digital Skin software, to travel after-dusk to various locations throughout the city, finding his subjects and the surfaces on which to project while en route, or creating portraits at pre-determined locations.

This mobile performance cultivates an audio and visual engagement with people and their environments. It brings a widespread awareness and exposure to digital art and communication by encouraging the public’s engagement with the artwork. The human form and the urban landscape are integrated into larger than life, non-permanent projections that speak to our spatial experiences.

The artwork highlights the human scale and our place within the built environment by expanding the visibility of the performance, and by providing a setting where the individual and the community can engage with the artist and the artwork. Through this relationship of individual to individual, of subject to their environment, the entire artwork highlights the experiences of a layered cast of characters, and compares their physical and emotional worlds, while exploring the idea of connectivity.

The mobile approach to the artwork serves to activate the night landscape, creating temporary works of art throughout the city, on surrounding architecture, sculptural backgrounds and in various neighbourhoods.

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